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Ouija game: real spirit board

Developer: Coco Mobile
3 usd

Converse with ghosts and spirits right from your phone with Ouija board game!Communicate with paranormal entities and ask the ouija about your destiny, your future, and the past, or just chat with the spirits that you’ve summoned. Whether you are arranging a little sleepover or hanging with friends at a party, talk to the spirits online and get meaningful answers to all of your questions.
If you are not superstitious and have a healthy sense of humor, you should try it. Ask tricky questions and learn more about your family and friends. Just remember, supernatural entities are not toys, ask only those questions, you are ready to know the answers.
Ready? Then gather around, start the ouija app and let the spirits guide you through life! Don’t be scared, use ouija board app to learn something new about your sibling or just to have some fun!
Please note, virtual ouija board was created for entertainment purposes only, paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven.
No spirits were hurt during the development of this project.